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Monday, July 03, 2006
The only real person in the universe, continued. Michael Jennings quoted my earlier question (Is it just me or does anyone else worry that they may be the only real person in the universe?) and replied:
Yes, of course I do. But you could be just imagining that I am
saying that to make yourself feel better of course.
Another reader writes:
This is one of the reasons why I remain fiercly agnostic. I can't believe in the whole 'big beard in the sky' thing. If God's up there watching over us and occasionly intervening, I can think of a few things He could be intervening in right now. (In fact, I sometimes while away my time thinking up a few divine interventions I'd like to see.)

But there are several reasons that atheism doesn't cut it for me. While I can just about accept that chemistry might turn into biology, the Big Bang bit where nothing turns into everything is impossible to accept. I mean, are they seriously suggesting that there is no space, no time and no energy, then all of a sudden there is the whole of space, the whole of time and all the energy that ever will exist. (All right, space is very small and time is very short, but it's all there in potential). And saying "all of a sudden" is nonsense because that implies time which implies a before which couldn't be because time doesn't exist. Too weird, God's easier to comprehend.

But the main reason I can't be an atheist is the dying thing. If I die, the whole Universe goes with me. I mean if I'm not there to experience it, then it ceases to exist and that would be a waste. But if some part of me, (call it a soul if you like), carries on, (changing planes, after a suitable wait in the terminal), then the universe can carry on as well. Which is better for everybody, God included.

ps I can't remember who said it but this defines Agnoticism perfectly for me.

"I don't know the face of God and I don't believe you do either"

(Apologies for wasting your time with this nonsence. Blame a particularly stupid Oracle data model that has me looking around for an easier brick wall to bang my head against.)
You are not wasting my time. I liked reading your email plenty better than the brick-wall bashing I am meant to be doing with this computer, I assure you. When I enter my last hours and the curtain around my personal universe starts to tear I don't think I will begrudge time spent thinking of such things.

But, um, guys, did anyone get my joke?

UPDATE: The second reader, now revealed as Kevin B, writes:

Of course I got your joke^. I was the one making it.

*(Well, not untill I cleared my mind of Oracular garbage and cotemplated the real meaning of life etc.)